CodeDescriptionAdditional Info
G00Rapid positioning
G01Linear interpolation
G02Arc - Clockwise
G03Arc - Counter Clockwise
G09Exact stop check
G10Programmable data input
G17XY plane selection
G18ZX plane selection
G19YZ plane selection
G20Programming in Inches
G21Programming in Millimeters (mm)
G28Return to homeReturn to machine zero on the current work offset.
G30Return to second home
G31Skip functionUsed for probes and tool length measurement systems
G40Tool radius compensation off
G41Tool radius compensation left
G42Tool radius compensation right
G49Tool length offset compensation cancel
G53Machine Coordinate System
G54-59Work Coordinate Systems
G90Absolute positioning
G91Relative positioning
G92Define current position
G94Feed rate per minute
G97Spindle constant speed


Letter Addresses

VariableDescriptionAdditional Info
AAbsolute or relative position of the A axisRotational axis around X
BAbsolute or relative position of the B axisRotational axis around Y
CAbsolute or relative position of the C axisRotational axis around Z
DDefine diameter or radial offset used for cutter compensation.Also used for depth of cut on lathes
EPrecision feedrate for threading on lathes
FFeed rate
HTool length offset
IDefine arc size in X axis for G02/03 arc commands
JDefine arc size in Y axis for G02/03 arc commands
KDefine arc size in Z axis for G02/03 arc commandsAlso used as optional parameter passed to canned cycle
LFixed cycle loop count
MList of Miscellaneous codesList of codes just like G-Codes but these are M-Codes
NLine number
OProgram name
PParameter address for various G and M codes
QPeck increment in canned cycles
RDefines size of arc radius or defines retract height in canned cycles
SSpindle speed
TTool number selection
URelative axis corresponding to X
VRelative axis corresponding to Y
WRelative axis corresponding to Z
XAbsolute or relative position of the X axis
YAbsolute or relative position of the Y axis
ZAbsolute or relative position of the Z axis



CodeDescriptionAdditional Info
M00Compulsory stop
M01Optional stop
M02End of program
M03Spindle onClockwise rotation
M04Spindle onCounter-clockwise rotation
M05Spindle stop
M06Automatic tool change (ATC)
M07Coolant onMist
M08Coolant onFlood
M09Coolant off
M10Pallet clamp on
M11Pallet clamp off
M13Spindle onClockwise rotation and coolant on flood
M19Spindle orientation
M48Feedrate override allowed
M49Feedrate override not allowed
M52Unload last tool from spindle
M98Subprogram call
M99Subprogram end