Hello and welcome to CNC 4 Everyone.com!

This website/blog was created to help teach people all about CNC technology; what it is, how it works and what it can do.

I will be posting new content often, with each post covering a certain part or area of CNC technology.


About The Author

My name is Joshua, I’m 27 years old and living in New Zealand. I first began with CNC’s in 2008 when I took an interest in engineering.

When I first began learning CNC, I found there to be a tougher learning curve than I had first expected. Information was everywhere but putting it into context and words I could understand was really challenging.

Eventually after around 3 years of studying I felt I was ready to make my own CNC machine. I began by making a CNC router out of MDF wood and it was terrible! Poor accuracy and very unreliable. However it made me realise the possibilities, even with this poorly made machine I was creating amazing things. Here is a picture of my old MDF router and the robotic arm I made with it:

With my success came the realisation that I needed a bigger and better, stronger, more accurate CNC machine and here it is:

This is my Aluminium Extrusion CNC router. You can find out more about how I built this machine by watching the video below:


I hope that the information on this websites help you learn about CNC technology and helps you embark on your own journey.